Hachiko - Dining area design


Hachiko Chalet - Sashimi

We are familiar with the draw of Hokkaido’s produce – from fresh seafood, to succulent Wagyu beef and Makkari herb-scented pork, sweet vegetables and perfectly ripened fruit. Thus, Hachiko’s kitchen is well equipped with cookware and crockery, burners, a barbecue and an oven to make the most of this bounty. And when all that entertaining is done, there’s a dishwasher to help with the dishes.

Another option is to have a world-class meal cooked for you. Niseko Gourmet has a stellar reputation for providing memorable meals cooked in-house – their highly trained chefs excel in Japanese omakase, sukiyaki, sushi and soba meals. You could also choose to have them deliver gourmet meals to your chalet instead.

Right on your doorstep, Hirafu Village is home to Niseko’s best restaurants and bars, some with global influences (and recognition), from the world-class Kamimura, to chic Kumo and authentic Japanese izakayas such as Kougetsu and Yui. Australian-owned Ezo Seafoods is hard to get into but worth the effort, and on extremely chilly nights, shabu-shabu at Sessa or Genghis Khan at Bang-Bang are sure to satiate.

Hachiko Chalet - Keiseki Dinner - Oyster nabe
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